What to Write About Cyber Security in Your Essay

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

What to Write About Cyber Security in Your Essay

With the rapid advancement of Ecommerce, the Internet has become the best place for high-skilled hackers. Cybercrime is one of the gravest issues occurring in the digital world. Slowly but steadily, it is outnumbering traditional crimes. Studies and surveys claim that over 30 percent of companies are susceptible to cyberattacks, and the number increases daily.

If you study cybersecurity, you know how complicated this field is. Numerous sub-fields perform tons of operations that strive to achieve one common goal – to make a business, organization, or application safe and free from attacks. Writing an essay about cybersecurity is not easy. Students often fall short when working on their papers. This article provides essential points to write about cybersecurity in your essay.

Cybersecurity Performs Dozens of Operations

In simple terms, cybersecurity secures safe data. It helps prevent attacks coming from different spots, even the farthest places in the globe. Cybersecurity touches on many operations, ensuring all information is protected. Moreover, it protects technology from damage, theft, phishing, corruption, and other illegal activities.

It is nearly impossible to say who or what can be a threat. Those who jeopardize security are often criminals, competitors, and hackers. But also they can be the company’s competitors, former, and even current employees. “How does it help me to do my assignment?” you might ask. See, cyber-attacks occur in numerous ways, including but not limited to:

  • Accessing of hardware
  • Infecting systems with viruses and other malicious programs
  • DDoS attacking websites
  • Destroying third parties
  • Spamming infectious emails
  • Illegally gaining access to sensitive data to demand ransom

This is a drop in the ocean of what cybersecurity works with. Before writing the paper, make sure to check the requirements carefully. If you have a topic, analyze it, research the subject, and brainstorm ideas. However, suppose your instructor has left you with freedom of choice. In that case, you can write about the following aspects tightly connected with cybersecurity.

Software Security

Software security is often used by hackers to steal information or to skew some data. Cybersecurity deals with such actions, trying to prevent any vulnerability in the system that can lead to illegal activities. Besides, it monitors key loggers and scans the entire system to find worms, viruses, and malware. Criminals commonly use SQL injections, butter overflow, and other injections to cause DoS (Denial of Service), wrong behavior of systems, security breach, and many more. You can focus on software security and include the following elements in your paper:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Requirements
  • Vulnerability Breakdown
  • Virus Infections


Modern programs and data exchanges are very secure these days. Specialists create pieces of software that convert information into ciphers. Such texts are unreadable, aiming to protect confidential information. Usually, the addresser sends the text, which automatically ciphers itself.

The addressee, in turn, has a secretly generated key to decipher the meaning. This feature is used for emails, credit card details, communication in apps like Telegram and Signal, etc. All the information, including images, voice and video messages, and other attached files, tends to be protected. Still, hackers sometimes find ways to decrypt the cipher and gather sensitive data, finances, passwords, and more. As an alternative to software security, you can write your Cybersecurity essay about Cryptography, including the following components:

  • Image Stenography
  • Secure Communication
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Hash Algorithm

Hardware Security

No computing system can exist without hardware. It is the core of every program. The hardware ensures the proper working of algorithms, software, protocols, and many other crucial elements. Apart from making sure those components work correctly, the hardware also focuses on tracking various cyber attacks, passive attacks, DoS, SQL injections, various breaches, etc.

Hardware is the first element to create when working on cybersecurity. A robust and protected infrastructure is needed for every institution that uses the Internet on a daily basis. Not only are hardware essential to keep the web page safe, but they are also crucial for users and customers. Studies have shown that clients want to be sure their sensitive data is under protection. As such, users consider banks and hospitals the safest cybersecurity-wise.

Conversely, social media, real estate, and marketing and advertising lack security measures to keep clients’ data safe. So, as you can see, you can write about hardware security, adding information about cybersecurity frameworks, such as FISMA and PCI-DSS. You can also write about:

  • Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Port Scanning
  • SQL Injection

Security and Privacy

Last but not least, you can focus on security and privacy solely, diving deep into the protection of digital information. You might think that security and privacy don’t differ from, let’s say, software security. Although they might be similar at first glance, in reality, they require undertaking different actions, which requires creating different teams of programmers to work on these particular aspects.

Usually, this field of cybersecurity deals with email bombing, copyright infringement, pharming, and information thefts. However, the operation area goes way farther, making expert programmers sniff everything that can pose a danger to cybersecurity.

Aside from looking for and preventing potential threats, the security and privacy sub-field analyzes infectious documents (messages came through messengers and emails) to find the source of danger and seek justice. Cybersecurity also works with crime cases by collecting and processing correspondence and other documents from web and desktop mail clients. Upon choosing Security and Privacy, you can write about the following components more in-depth:

  • Identity Theft
  • Spyware
  • Data Breach
  • Privacy Awareness
  • Authentication Compliance
  • Cyber Diagnostic Tools

Key Takeaways

It comes as no surprise that cybersecurity is a broad field that covers mountains of elements. Overall, it aims to prevent crime and data leaks, keeping sensitive information under lock and key.

If you have to write a paper about cybersecurity, first and foremost, check your instructions. They might contain crucial requirements you have to meet. However, if you are free to write about anything connected with cybersecurity, check the mentioned list. It highlights the most powerful features and targets the field focuses on.

For instance, you can write about software security, focusing on risk analysis or virus infections. If you find cryptography more interesting, explain how cybersecurity provides secure communication or creates hash algorithms. In case you want to write about hardware security, you can focus on port scanning and DoS attacks, describing how they protect data.

Finally, you might want to choose security and privacy, writing about identity theft and spyware. The choice is yours, so select the topic that interests you the most and collect your A+. If you liked this article, make sure to follow our web page to learn more about technology.

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