What is Whatsapp Dark Mode? How To Enable In Android Mobile?

Whatsapp Dark Mode
Whatsapp Dark Mode

What is Whatsapp Dark Mode? How To Enable In Android Mobile?

Whatsapp dark mode has finally arrived for beta users i.e. in WhatsApp v2.20.13 beta. Users were eagerly waiting for dark mode in Whatsapp.

If you are not on the WhatsApp beta channel, you can get the APK from here (WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.13 beta) on your device to gain access to the feature.

How To Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode (Beta Version):

  • Open WhatsApp (the latest beta version) on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on the vertical three-dot menu and enter Settings.
  • Choose “Chats”. Here, you will notice a new section “Theme.”
  • Under the “Theme”, you will get three options – System default, Light, and Dark.
  • Choose “Dark” to force the darker theme for WhatsApp.
  • You can also choose “System default” if you want the app to automatically switch based on your device settings.
  • Revert to the older WhatsApp theme by selecting Light.

Different Themes In Whatsapp Dark Mode:

  • Light: the usual white background
  • Dark: the superior* black/dark grey background
  • System default: match the mode used by your Android OS
  • Set by Battery Saver: automatically switch to light/dark based on Battery Saver settings (available for Android 9 and earlier)

What’s New In Whatsapp Dark Mode:

  • There is no difference in the functionality of Whatsapp, only the appearance is updated darker colors. Keep in mind even if you have enabled Dark Mode in WhatsApp, WhatsApp will appear normally on the web (WhatsApp Web).
  • All the sections including from Status, Chat feed, to Settings get converted into darker colors. With Dark mode enabled, WhatsApp will use a dark grey background predominantly. The chat window will use green bubbles for conversations for easy readability.
  • You might be wondering what about Whatsapp wallpaper which you set custom one, so it will not get affected.

Why Dark Mode?

  • Dark themes can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions (night-time or dimmer workspaces). High contrast between text and background reduces eye strain.

Do Dark Mode Saves Battery?

  • Both cases. Yes, if your device uses an OLED or AMOLED screen? If it does, then dark themes can save you power!
  • And no, if your device instead uses an LCD or another type of screen, changing the color won’t do much for your battery life.

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