What is Web Service? Types of Web Services? All About Web Services.

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What is Web Service? Types of Web Services? All About Web Services.

Basically we can say Web services are a standardized medium to generate/propagate communication between the client and server applications on the World Wide Web. Web services are based on XML. The main purpose of Web services is to convert your existing applications into web applications, so web applications can interact with other web applications for the purpose of exchanging data.  Web Service help other applications to run smoothly just by plugging its utilities on to your web applications.

You guys may have heard the word web service, but do you know what actually web service? Why they are used?

Ok, so in this blog we are going to see some details about web service.

Now-a-day business applications are developed using various programming platform such java/ .Net/ Angular JS/ Node.js/ etc. to make it web-based applications. Because of the various programming platform it is difficult to ensure accurate communication between applications.

So, here web services come in picture to overcome the above problem. Web services provide a common platform that allows multiple applications built on various programming languages to have the ability to communicate with each other.

Web services are mainly of two types. These are:

  • SOAP Web Services
  • REST Web Services

Web services Architecture:

In the Architecture of Web services there are mainly three aspects Service Provider, Service Requestor, and the Service Registry.

Service Provider: The provider is the one who creates the web service and makes it available to client application who wants to use it.

Service Requestor: This is any consumer of the web service. The requestor utilizes an existing web service by opening a network connection and sending an XML request.

Service Registry: This is a logically centralized directory of services. The registry provides a central place where developers can publish new services or find existing ones. It therefore serves as a centralized clearing house for companies and their services.

Characteristics of Web services:

  • They are XML-Based
  • Loosely Coupled
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous functionality
  • Ability to support Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)
  • Supports Document Exchange

So this was all about Web Service.

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