What is Bus in the Computer? Functions of Bus in the System

Bus in the Computer
Bus in the Computer

What is Bus in the Computer? Functions of Bus in the System

What is a bus in the computer? Soit is a subsystem that is used to connect computer components and transfer data between them.

Basically there are many internal components, inside the computer. In order for these components to communicate with each other, they make use of wires that are known as a ‘bus’.

A computer or device’s bus speed is listed in MHz, e.g., 100 MHz FSB. The throughput of a bus is measured in bits per second or megabytes per second.

The bus in the computer may be parallel or serial. Parallel buses transmit data across multiple wires. Serial buses transmit data in the bit-serial format.

All buses consist of two parts an address bus and a data bus. The data bus transfers actual data whereas the address bus transfers information about where the data should go.

System Buses of computer component | what is computer bus

Functions of Bus in the computer

Addressing: It allows data to be sent to or from specific memory locations.

Power: It provides power to various peripherals connected to it.

Data Sharing: All types of buses found in computer transfer data between the computer peripherals connected to it.

Timing: It provides a system clock signal to synchronize the peripherals attached to it with the rest of the system.

The purpose of buses is to reduce the number of “pathways” needed for communication between the components, by carrying out all communications over a single data channel.

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