What is a Scripting Language? Example of Scripting Language

What is a Scripting Language
What is a Scripting Language

What is a Scripting Language? Example of Scripting Language

A Scripting language is a computer language with a series of commands within a file that is capable of being executed without being compiled. Because of their less-complicated nature, scripting languages are easier to learn and use than traditional compiled languages. Scripting languages tend to be extensible to handle tasks that weren’t initially conceived by their developers.

In other words, rather than compiled by the computer’s processor it is interpreted by another program at runtime, which becomes a plus point to Scripting Language i.e. easy to port between different operating systems.

Scripting languages are mainly embedded within HTML, and they are used to add functionality to a Web page, such as graphic displays or to serve dynamic advertisements or different menu styles, etc.

The examples of scripting languages are JavaScript, ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, Tcl and Python.

Also, some people might have heard Scripting Language and Programming Language are different

So are they? Basically, all scripting languages are programming languages. The only difference is that scripting languages do not require the compilation step and are rather interpreted.

For e.g. Any Programming Languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. need to be compiled before running but it’s not the same in case of Scripting Language, compiling is not needed in Scripting Language.

From where can you learn Scripting Language or any Programming Language? And for free

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