What is a PHP Session? What are the uses of PHP Session?

What is a PHP Session?
What is a PHP Session?

What is a PHP Session? What are the uses of PHP Session?

Basically a PHP session is the way, provided to store web page visitor preferences on a web server in the form of variables that can be used across multiple pages.
It stores and passes information from one page to another temporarily (until the user closes the website).
The session starts when the web is started expires when the web page is closed.

What is the use of PHP Session ?

The wide use of PHP session technique is in shopping websites where we need to store and pass cart details e.g. username, product name, product code, product price etc from one page to another.

So; Session variables hold information about one single user, and are available to all pages in one application.

PHP Sessions - Understanding Growth - Guillermo Antony Cava Nuñez

How to start a PHP session?

To start a session session_start() function is used. It starts a new or resumes existing session. It returns the existing session if the session is created already. If the session is not available, it creates and returns a new session.

By default, PHP uses the internal files save handler which is set by session.save_handler. This saves session data on the server at the location specified by the session.save_path configuration directive.

Example: Store information
$_SESSION[“user”] = “Cybertecz”;

Example: Get information
echo $_SESSION[“user”];

Example #1 Registering a variable with $_SESSION.

if (!isset($_SESSION['count'])) {
  $_SESSION['count'] = 0;
} else {

Example #2 Unregistering a variable with $_SESSION.


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