What Can You Buy With Bitcoin in 2021?

Bitcoin in 2021
Bitcoin in 2021

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin in 2021?

Though cryptocurrencies are still considered mostly as an investment, today, more and more services accepting Bitcoins appear. One of the best virtual currencies that lets you buy everything anonymously still has some disadvantages:

  • The exchange rate of Bitcoin is very unstable. Now one Bitcoin equals more than $60.000, but it might fall.
  • Many sellers still do not have the infrastructure to accept Bitcoins, so customers have no chance to use them.
  • For some people, blockchains are difficult to understand and scale.
  • It is not possible to use Bitcoins without an Internet connection and within Internet shops.

Along with Switchere.com, a convenient place to buy bitcoin with debit card, we will try to guess what you can buy for Bitcoin now.

What can You Buy For Bitcoin?

Despite these disadvantages, the number of deals with Bitcoin crypto exceeds 150 thousand per day. Here is what you can buy instantly:

Foods and Beverages

Some global companies, like Starbucks and Whole Foods Market, have already started accepting Bitcoin, Etherium, and Gemini Dollar. All the purchases convert through the system Spedn. It allows customers to use the mobile application, and sellers have a converter turning cryptos into local currencies.

Retail Goods

While many companies, like Nordstrom, use Spedn as well, other companies, like Overstock, make it possible to purchase some categories of items.

Retail Sphere

Not a long time ago, a mansion in Australia was sold by auction, where Bitcoins and Binance Coins were accepted. It was not the first deal involving cryptocurrencies. Now, some Canadian provinces start accepting Bitcoins as a way to pay retail taxes.


Cryptocurrencies have always been conquering this market. It was known that at least two big companies (Subway and Burger King) were accepting cryptos. In 2010 one American citizen paid 10 thousand BTC for two pizzas.


Some tourism agencies accept Bitcoins as pay for booking tickets and hotel suits. For several years, a leader of the market, Expedia, has been accepting Bitcoins. However, in 2014 the option disappeared due to the high volatility of BTC.

Digital Art

With the quick appearance of NFT, you can est and buy any piece of digital art and items. NFT makes it possible to launch online credit and debit systems with the usage of Bitcoin.

The Future of Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Though more and more companies are launching Bitcoin infrastructure, there is much work left to make it widely acceptable. The Foundation for Interwallet Operability report showed more than 28% of people had problems with cryptos, only 25% of people were sure that the transaction was secure, and only 11% had been using Bitcoin payments regularly. New currencies and ways to use them appear every day, but it will take at least a couple of years to make them widely spread.

Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card: Where to Do It?

If you’ve already found something to buy via Bitcoin, you’ll need a convenient service to buy Bitcoin instantly with a credit card, send the money to your wallet, etc. We are proud to present Switchere.com. It is the most convenient way to operate your money and cryptocurrencies without using a bank. We’ll explain why:

  • With the Switchere, you have got an easy opportunity to exchange the US dollar and Euro for various cryptocurrencies. The holders are different: Mastercard, Visa credit or debit accounts, Maestro card, electronic wallets, PayPal, etc.
  • The method can be proud with the easiest and instant transactions. Depending on the way you’ve chosen, the fast transfer can take from several hours to a couple of days. Making a prepaid Switchere account makes it even faster. 
  • The lowest fees online are waiting for you. No matter if you want to buy bitcoin with debit card or vice versa, the percentage of the fee does not differ depending on the sum of the transfer.
  • The registration is simple. It requires your ID and the verification of other documents only with the increase of sums to transfer.
  • With Switchere, you can not only buy bitcoin with credit card instantly but make some money. Everything is possible with the affiliation program. Place information about Switchere on your website and get involved.
  • You’ll get additional bonuses and discounts owing to the loyalty system and periodic sales.
  • You can pay both from a desktop browser version and through a mobile application, which is more convenient.
  • If you search more than to buy bitcoin instantly with USD, there are lots of opportunities for Asian and African customers, including local currencies and payment systems.
  • Finally, you will find the most responsible support on the site. They will make any kind of problem disappear.

So, it is easy to buy something with Bitcoin. Use Switchere to make it affordable and profitable.

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