Top Free Website For E Learning And Self Improvement

Website For E Learning
Website For E Learning

Top Free Website For E Learning And Self Improvement

E learning has grown in today’s date, almost all are aware because of available resources such as you are reading blog might be on mobile, tab or desktop. But in previous time there were lack of devices so the concept called “e learning” was not so evolved. There are some Website For E Learning.

Learning doesn’t mean only reading only school and college books. There are many books which helps you to add more value in your life. Being at home you can keep a number of book, but it became more difficult to keep lots of books while you are traveling.

There comes the concept of e learning, to overcome some cons of keeping books.  

Top free Resources for e learning and Self improvement

1. Hubspot:

HubSpot Logo.svg

Hubspot is a best free e learning source. Hubspot provides blogs and video courses along with the no of chapters and the timing of videos. Here you have to sign up for free courses.

Visit Official Website of Hubspot: Click here

2. Khan academy:

Khan Academy logo (2018).svg

You know what this is the best platform I have seen for e learning, this site provides the feature to create an virtual class where there are the options Sign in as Student, Parent and Teachers. Teachers can create class and an class code is generated, using which Students can join that class.

Visit Official Website of Khan Academy: Click here

3. Codecademy:


If you are interested in coding then this site will work as a weapon for you, you can start with the very basic here. You must visit this site, and start learning.

Visit Official Website of Codecademy: Click here

4. Edx courses:

This e learning site comes with more than 2000+ courses available. It offers full online courses with teachers, discussion boards, quizzes, and so on, but it tends to focus on (and excel at) courses in math, the sciences and engineering.

Visit Official Website of edX: Click here

5. Coursera:

Image result for coursera logo

This is also a best option for learning. Here you can earn a certificate or degree and can learn the latest skills.

Visit Official Website of Coursera: Click here

6. YouTube:  

YouTube is such a best source of learning, here learn as well as you can teach you are good at by creating a channel.

Visit Official Website of YouTube: Click here

What are the benefits of e learning?

  • Portability in Learning: In e learning you can learn 24/7 anytime and anywhere. You have an access to your courses when you want to access it.
  • Ease in tracking course progress: You can easily track your course progress. There are many features in popular such as showing progress in percentage, pie chart etc.
  • Saves time and cost-effective: This reduces the cost such as travelling cost and time required to going colleges and institutes and purchasing printed materials. Online learning or. e learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity.

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