Top 5 Websites To Download Free Softwares for Windows 7,8,10

Download Free Softwares

Top 5 Websites to Download Free Softwares for Windows 7,8,10

I have seen many of the people trying to download free softwares and many of them are trying to crack software’s through different ways. But cracking software is not the proper solution its seems illegal and quiet lengthy process.

So what if anyone wants to use any software for free? Then I must tell you that you are the proper place, in this blog you will find some important website by using which you can download any free software .

I know sometimes it can get very frustrating, while finding free software.So without wasting your time let me introduce a list of best websites that offer a great deal of download free softwares

1. :
This site was launched in 1996 as a part of CNET and it is the most popular website for downloading freeware , it initially was started as but has changed its domain name to It has over 100,000 freeware , shareware and try-first downloads.No matter whether you are using Windows or Mac, it offers content for Android and ios .The user can also review software and it helps other users to find the best freeware they want .The only drawback I feel about it is that they changed their own installer to add adware to the software that users wish to download which can sometimes be annoying .

2. Filehippo :-
This has a simple sleek user-friendly interface , which can be a huge attention to many users. It offers freeware for Windows and Mac. If I need to download something I always go here and it remains my favourite. The websites offers all the major freeware and you can see them listed on the homepage on the popular software category. It also runs a tech news blog called TechBeat News. Only the most annoying thing on this site is ads. Along with the new software this site provides old or outdated software ,in case you need it.

3. Softonic :-
It’s like an encyclopedia of free software and desktop programs downloads.It has many software to download. It is one of the best-designed website ,in other words well maintained website, having its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Not only it offers freeware but also news , apps , games , question and answer section etc,which makes this site next level. If you want to do more than just downloading a software, then you must visit this site.

4.Sourceforge :-
Sourceforge was the first site to offer this service for free to open-source projects. It is an open source community that host open source software and its code.It has more than 430,000 projects and hosts over 3.7 million registered users. People come to SourceForge to develop, download, review, and publish open source software. And if you are willing to play with the code of software that is totally open source. Then I promise this will be best site for you.

5. Brothersoft :-
This will make a huge mistake if I forgot to mention this site, i.e this list will not complete without mentioning this site. Brothersoft was started in 2002 and hosts over 200,000 free software in different categories. Including 200k free software it also provides including drivers, widgets, scripts, browsers, software, utilities, video games, wallpapers and mobile applications.

So without any annoying searches and wasting time , just try any of this site and download free softwares for windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10 or pro.

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