Top 10 Salesforce Tools For Sales Professionals

Top 10 Salesforce Tools For Sales Professionals

Whenever it comes to maximizing commercial interactions and productivity, the critical role of a Customer Relationship Management system is unquestionable. CRM applications increased sales productivity by 45%, and 67% of CRM users claimed that their CRM system had improved client retention. Isn’t it fantastic? Now, the question arises, which CRM solutions are the best on the market today? There are several. However, Salesforce is unmatched.

Yes. Salesforce now dominates the global CRM industry with a 23% market share and is growing at a rapid pace. Salesforce has assisted approximately 2,80,000 B2B firms worldwide in increasing sales through targeted marketing. Organizations of all sizes may capitalize from the contemporary cloud-based solution, which significantly boosts team productivity, fosters staff cooperation, provides a good customer experience, and assists in converting leads to customers.

Regardless of how efficient your staff is, there will always be chances to improve overall efficiency. One of the most efficient methods to accomplish this is through the integration of Salesforce with several powerful tools. 

To assist you, we have compiled in this blog, top 10 Salesforce integration tools that are certain to increase your team’s efficiency. Let’s get started:

1. Quip

Quip is a mobile-first, contemporary productivity suite that unifies essential functionality such as collaborative chats, analytics, and documentation. As such, it enables your workforce to do more work collaboratively. Quip Salesforce’s connection creates an interactive, interconnected, and productive workplace. Consequently, operations are finished with less email, shorter meetings, and improved chances for innovation to satisfy increasing client expectations.

Many banks, Fortune 100 organizations, and tech firms have already standardized their productivity using Quip Salesforce integration. As a result, Salesforce customers generate more opportunities and make more informed decisions. Furthermore, Quip enables improved report analysis for greater comprehension and enables the exchange of spectacular real-time facts during sales Meetups. Quip’s price model begins at $10 per month.

2. Panoply

Panoply is among the most highly rated Salesforce tools available online, ranking first in customer evaluations. It enables you to synchronize and save data from more than 80 sources. Moreover, you may study your data using SQL or display it using your preferred analytics tools.

Data transmission is becoming more rapid and dynamic. After connecting to Salesforce, Panoply automatically uploads, organizes, filters, and maintains your new Salesforce data. Its graphical user interface is simple for learners to explore and comprehend. Pricing begins at $200 a month and includes a 15-day free trial.

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3. Ebsta

If you use Gmail for work and Salesforce for customer relationship management, you may increase your productivity by combining these two technologies. Salesforce customers employ CRM to handle customer data, engagement, communication, reporting, and data exchange with third-party systems. However, consumers are compelled to invest additional time from outside CRM via Gmail – the connectivity gateway.

Ebsta connects Gmail with Salesforce, bringing Salesforce’s functionality to your inbox. You can use Ebsta to synchronize your email and calendar, as well as build Salesforce mailing lists, analyze email responses, and create follow-up activities directly from your inbox. Download the Ebsta application from the Salesforce Store – Services begin at $25 USD with a free trial version available.

4. RapidOnline

RapidiOnline is a cloud-based data integration tool that enables you to synchronize data and manage cross-system operations for saving sensitive information throughout the Salesforce platform.

RapidiOnline helps in tracking all of your customers’ necessary information in one location, including order history, company changes, and relationship growth. In other aspects, it is a data aggregation solution that eliminates human double-entry totally through database synchronization. Their monthly fee begins at $150.

5. Icertis

Using the Icertis Salesforce tool, your organization can deliver, examine, authorize, and negotiate on contracts directly within Salesforce, therefore increasing contract flow, increasing productivity, and propelling your business forward. Furthermore, it boosts sales by relieving sales users of unnecessary administrative obligations. Without having to leave Salesforce, users may initiate contract proposals using Salesforce entities, follow contract updates and advancement, and manage the end-to-end contract lifespan.

Icertis’s flawless integration with Salesforce enables you to accelerate, safeguard, and optimize commercial processes. Thus, you may improve contract process speed, optimize income, mitigate risk, and regulate expenses.

6. MuleSoft

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Framework (acquired by Salesforce) is a high-performance API integration tool for SaaS and business applications. It is a potentially powerful Salesforce integration product that is utilized by many of the world’s best marketing experts.

MuleSoft offers a versatile connection framework for connecting Salesforce to third-party applications. The solution is best suited for major organizations and enterprises with extensive internal technical resources and experience.

7. ToutApp

ToutApp’s Salesforce tool serves as a business productivity solution, assisting users in producing emails more quickly and following up on email newsletters. It assists in lead nurturing by enabling sales representatives to send the appropriate material to the ideal prospects at the most suitable time.

Thanks to the built-in call and dialing technology, you may call a prospective client straight from the Salesforce platform. This email and advertising monitoring tool enables you to prioritize activities, improve the quality of the process, and assist you in converting leads.

8. Getfeedback

According to a recent Salesforce survey, 90 percent of buyers want companies to reply and connect with them instantaneously. While Salesforce Chat empowers your customer service team to provide effective live chat support, customer support should also determine how customers perceive the whole conversation to track key performance metrics such as customer dissatisfaction.

Salesforce connectivity with Getfeedback enables you to collect real-time customer feedback via branded surveys that appear right in the Salesforce Dialogue box. It contextualizes consumer answers and pushes them into Salesforce, resulting in actionable insights and increased productivity.

9. Conga Composer

Conga composer’s integration with Salesforce CRM streamlines document production, analysis, and distribution. This tool streamlines the process of developing documents, presenting them, and generating reports in Word, Email, or Excel.

Additionally, the Conga tool is compatible with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Spark. With this Salesforce tool, you can manage all of your work from a single platform, allowing you to spend less effort upgrading the Salesforce API and paying more attention to key tasks.

10. Skyvia

Skyvia is a comprehensive cloud data tool that combines data, provides incremental backups, and enables communication. It is one of the most sophisticated Salesforce integration solutions available in the world of sales and marketing.

Skyvia is simple to use and requires no coding, making it an ideal platform for both IT experts and business users. It enables modern cloud flexibility and adaptability without requiring installation or manual grading.


Efficiency is not about finishing work as quickly as possible, but about skillfully managing the time. Making modest adjustments to the company’s current processes can dramatically increase your organization’s production and worker efficiency. Integrate these robust tools into your Salesforce CRM and quickly accomplish stated targets.

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