New Domain Zone Will Become an Available Alternative for .com


At last count, there are 400 million domains on the internet, almost half of which belong to the .com domain zone, meaning that the website URL ends with “.com.” During the next five years, there will be a need for at least another 200 million domains: the reason is mainly the pace of internet development in developing countries.

The popularity of .com can be easily explained: firstly, eight of the ten most popular websites around the world are located in this domain zone (according to

Secondly, the .com zone is geographically neutral and has a global orientation.

Predictably, the creators of websites and services try to register the international domain name in the .com zone, but difficulties await them here.

Why not .com?

According to Intis Telecom founder Andrey Insarov, users look for an equivalent to the zone .com as popular combinations in .com are not already available. More than 95% of dictionary words (and their combinations) are not available for registration. They are either used for already-existing websites or purchased by cybersquatters who resell them at triple the price. The prices can reach six-figure amounts in dollars.

Advantages of

English-speaking people especially value the new domain zone. In English, the word “it” means “this.” If we add a verb, we get a call to action. For example, “do it,” “send it,” “share it.” What’s more, “it” combined with a noun (especially with a popular brand) turns the noun into a verb, for example, Google it, and others.

Because the domain zone was launched only in 2021, boasts many free addresses that allow website owners to purchase the domains they want.

The new domain zone has interested Italian entrepreneurs; due to the “it” part, the zone can become an alternate zone for Italian websites, which end in .it.

How to Purchase a Domain in the New Zone and How Much it Will Cost

To buy a domain, you simply visit the website, choose the domain, and pay $49 or an equivalent in the national currency. You can start using the domain immediately after the payment.

To avoid cybersquatting, «Intis Telecom» categorizes some popular-word domains as “premium.” The value of premium domains ranges from $300 to $15,000.

Intis Telecom decided against establishing a uniform rate for all domain names to prevent cybersquatters from purchasing popular word combinations, as happened to many .com domains. $15,000 is an upper bound of the price even for the top domain names related to crypto trading, for example. A similar domain in the .com zone would be at least 100 times more expensive.

Who Else is Interested?

The purchase of a domain in the new zone is a good move for those who want to protect themselves from competitors seeking to make a profit off of more popular brands. Purchasing the same domain names in popular domain zones is a common practice for brand protection.


Attendees of the annual Web Summit ’21 event in Lisbon, where the new domain zone was presented, expressed concern that the new name is not regulated by ICANN as a third-level domain. Despite some suspicion being logical, there is no risk here as the Intis Telecom company has applied for accreditation with ICANN. After the approval, Intis Telecom will take responsibility for following the rules and procedures regulated by ICANN for all the domains of the zone.

What Else «Intis Telecom» Offers

Apart from the new domain, in the “store” of Intis Telecom, there is a URL shortener called, an automated redirect service, DDOS-attacks protection, and turbo loading of websites (in partnership with an international company “CloudFlare”).

To design a website in the zone, Intis Telecom recommends using website constructor “Webflow” and using the Google mail (Gmail) service to create a corporate email.


Since 2013, Intis Telecom has launched several proprietary products. The successful presentation of the domain zone at the Lisbon exhibition gathered more than 40 thousand people. The domain zone is a strong alternative to the .com zone and serves to further business development around the world. We will watch the development of this British start-up eagerly.