Magic Lotto — Blockchain Lottery on the Qchain Platform

Magic Lotto
Magic Lotto

Magic Lotto — Blockchain Lottery on the Qchain Platform

People have been gambling since ancient times, and the popularity of gambling games has only grown over time. It has been well said that the passion is in people’s blood and many cannot resist the temptation to try their luck. Nowadays players have a very vast choice of various games — both online and offline. However, a fundamental problem still remains unresolved — the transparency of the drawing process. Since accurate data on who won, when, and how much is usually not available, the creators of the game can manipulate the results of the drawing and receive super-profits. At best, online platforms are registered in a jurisdiction where the regulatory authorities make sure that the game is fair. But this is not always the case!

Now, with the introduction of blockchain-based lotteries such as Magic lotto, the situation is changing dramatically.

Open registry

So what’s so special about blockchain? It’s all about the distributed registry. All operations are recorded in a single register and this information can be seen by any player. And that means 100% fair and transparent play. The very basis for the game excludes any manipulations. In the case of cryptocurrency, users do not have to trust each other — the execution of the transaction is guaranteed by a smart contract.

Magic lotto

Magic lotto consists of four popular worldwide lotteries (Magic lotto 6/49, Jokerball, Magic lotto Free, 7PLUS Lotto) based on the Qchain blockchain platform. Here is a brief description of each:

  1. Lotto 6/49. The most popular format in the world. The rules of the game are quite simple: the player independently chooses 6 numbers (out of 49) and makes a bet. If two or more numbers match, the person receives a prize. If all 6 numbers match, you win the jackpot. If no one guesses all 6 numbers, the jackpot goes to the next drawing.

Lotto 6/49 Interface

  1. Jokerball. The aim of the game is to guess the 7-digit number. The user chooses all the figures for the 7-digit number that will participate in the drawing (from 0 to 9). The drawing takes place several times a week. A line is considered to be a winning one if at least two numbers coincide in the same positions as in the one drawn.

Jokerball Interface

  1. Free JokerBall. As in Jokerball, in Free JokerBall you need to make a combination of prime numbers that will participate in the drawing. But, unlike Jokerball, it uses a 6-digit number. As in Jokerball, a line will be a winning one if there are at least two matching numbers in the same positions.

Free Jokerball Interface

  1. The 7PLUS Lotto game consists of two fields. You collect the raffle ticket numbers from both. When making up your ticket, you have to select the first six digits of sixteen (6/16), and then, in the second part of the field, you need to select one of the four letters (1/4). If two numbers and one letter match, you win.

7PLUS Lotto Interface

How to play?

In order to play a blockchain lottery, you need to be a registered user of Qchain. All bets are made in platform tokens, QDT. Therefore, before starting the game, you will need to purchase the required number of them on the exchange. Then choose a game, make up your ticket, place a bet and wait for the drawing. Afterward, everything happens automatically. If your ticket has won, you receive your money in the form of tokens directly into your wallet. After that, you can withdraw funds instantly.

Bonuses for friends

Magic lotto has a bonus program that enables you to receive a bonus from the winnings of people invited by you and those who were invited by your friends (up to the 3rd level) or up to 10% (5% of the first level, 3% of the second level and 2% of the third level).


In addition to the previously voiced honesty and transparency of the game, the user can count on: 

  • Anonymity. The system contains information about the winnings, but not the names of the winners.
  • No additional commissions when withdrawing funds.
  • Statistical predictability of the result. You can accurately assess your chances of winning and develop your own game scheme.
  • Bonuses for invited players. By inviting several active players, you will receive an additional source of passive income.

By the way, the first jackpot in Magik Lotto has already been won in Lotto 6/49. one of the players from Vietnam received 2.5 million QDT tokens (at the current rate at the time of this writing, approximately $87.5 thousand), and thanks to the referral program, another user received a bonus prize (150,000 QDT tokens).

With the introduction of blockchain technology in the gambling industry, we will soon witness dramatic changes when decentralization and transparency of the drawing process will completely eradicate any chance of fraud making online lotteries truly fair, and therefore exciting.