Is YouTube Vanced Safe To Use? All You Need To Know

YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced

Is YouTube Vanced Safe To Use? All You Need To Know

Official YouTube has more than 3.25 billion logged-in monthly users. However like every other app, there is a mod version, Heres a mod version of YouTube is available named YouTube vanced.

So what is YouTube vanced?

YouTube vanced is an advanced version of YouTube which allows ad blocking, background playback, pinch and zoom, and many more.

Here are some cool features you will get in YouTube vanced:

  • Playing videos without advertisements: bye-bye annoying advertisements.
  • Pinch the screen to zoom (regardless of the device).
  • Switch between white, black, or dark themes.
  • Play videos in the background: your prayers have been answered!
  • Replay the video: no need to hit replay manually.
  • “Picture in picture mode” (PIP): While using other applications, continue to watch videos.
  • Set playback speed as you prefer.
  • Select the resolution preferred by you.
  • HDR or VP9? You are in control of what you want.
  • Override maximum resolution.
Download and install latest YouTube Vanced v15.05.54 APK for all Android  devices [HotFix Update]

Is YouTube vanced legal?

No, It not illegal to use YouTube Vanced. The Terms of Service, which you agree to comply with when you use the YouTube website, clearly states you are not permitted to modify the how site appears or works. Not literally and officially an advanced version, but is a modded Android application (formerly known by the name of iYTBP – (injected YouTube Background Playback).

Is YouTube Vanced safe to use?

As we all are concern about privacy and safety. So Is YouTube Vanced safe to use? And the answer is Yes, YouTube Vanced is safely entrusted by millions worldwide. You might have questions in your mind, if it’s safe then why it is not available on the Play Store. So simply the answer is There is already an official version of YouTube and as per policy, no moded app is allowed on Play Store. It also not require  to root your device

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