How To Cope With an Essay on a Technology Topic

Essay on a Technology Topic
Essay on a Technology Topic

How To Cope With an Essay on a Technology Topic

How to cope with a writing assignment is one of the most often posed questions in academia. Essays play a significant role in our education. Not only do they help us improve our writing skills, but they also expand our knowledge area on the given topic. Plus, essays allow teachers to track our progress, evaluating our strengths and weaknesses.

Writing isn’t an easy task. You can spend lots of time dealing with the essay. However, you can mitigate the entire writing process if you follow this guide. Upon reading it, you will get a clear idea of how to cope with a technology essay promptly and hassle-free.

What Are Essays On Technology Topics and Why Write Them?

Essays on technology are written works that analyze specific technology fields. Usually, technology essays examine a particular topic, enlisting its pros and cons and displaying arguments beyond such statements. These writing assignments are vital because they help students understand the notion of technology, how they work, how to improve it, and how to use it correctly without harming anyone. Technology essays serve the same goal as any other writing assignment—be it an English paper, a sociology case study, or a healthcare essay. Once we know the importance of such tasks, let’s have a closer look at how to deal with the task efficiently.

Understand The Assignment:

If you have the assignment, you should focus on the keywords. Every task requires taking some actions. For instance, your professor might ask you to compare and contrast, analyze, discuss, evaluate, demonstrate, or describe a certain notion. Knowing what such keywords mean will help you write an accurate paper. Other than that, check whether you understand all the words and their meanings. Failing to understand a single word results in a mediocre or even low grade. If you still face difficulties understanding the task, make sure to contact your teacher before the deadline.

Besides being assigned to the topic, you can also have freedom of choice. This means you can write about anything your heart desires (related to technology, of course). This is an excellent thing if you are interested in something that keeps you up at night. But before you start writing, analyze your potential topic. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it related to technology?
  • Can I develop the topic and take a firm stance?
  • Can I find the necessary sources to back up my arguments?
  • Will this topic be attractive to the readers?

If you can answer them, you are ready to compose an essay. Conversely, if you think you might have problems coming up with the topic, check the following list provided by professional writers from It might inspire you to develop a unique one.

List of Topics

  1. Technology and education: how the former influences the latter
  2. Recent technology worthy of our attention
  3. Augmented Reality in education
  4. Virtual Reality in education
  5. Robots instead of teachers: scientific proofs of the idea
  6. Food technology for combating starvation
  7. Agricultural technology to improve crops
  8. Technology in medicine
  9. Artificial Intelligence in the nearest future
  10. Technological progress: the pros and cons

What Should Be In An Essay About Technology

First and foremost, you have to decide on the topic. The topic determines what you should include in the essay. Every paper, no matter whether it is a historical essay, an English essay, or a personal statement, needs to follow a structure. No matter what you write about, you must stick to the rules. The rules require having an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Neglecting to meet general requirements will do you no good. So, make sure to have:

  • An introduction: It comprises an opening sentence, background information, and a thesis statement.
  • A body part: Every section has a topic sentence, an argument with a shred of evidence, and a transition.
  • A conclusion: Restated thesis, a summary of key elements, and call to action sentence to provoke a discussion.

Now, as you have a general idea about the structure, it is crucial to dig deeper into technology components. Whatever technology topic you write about, your paper must be:

  • Accurate: Make sure to generate content straight to the point. Word count matters; don’t exceed it more than by 10 percent.
  • Coherent: Your essay must be holistic, meaning every section must be integral and valuable to the reader.
  • Understandable: The audience doesn’t know as much as you do about the topic. It is your goal to make the content informative and easy-to-understand for the readers.

Peruse Sources

Like any other discipline, technology topics must have reliable sources included in the paper. Many students struggle to find relevant materials when it comes to writing a technology essay. They often add some blogs they consider authoritative. Even though they might be objective and clear, they don’t usually have any scientific background. Luckily, several web pages, libraries, and databases provide research, books, and articles about technology. The ones you can definitely rely on are:

ACM Digital Library

It is the most recognizable database for computer science. ACM Digital Library has over 500,000 articles and holds more than 2.9 million bibliographic entries.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

The resource holds over 4.8 million research articles on electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, and other technology branches.

DBLP computer science bibliography

The database covers numerous articles related to computer science and technology. It provides information about scientific materials and where they can be found.

Microsoft Academic

It is an academic search engine that works with over 14 million technology-related articles and other written manuscripts.

Google Scholar

Ultimately, a universal library for all academics. Google Scholar covers every scholarly paper, regardless of the branch and topic.

You can also look into credible newspapers that reveal information about technology. Remember to follow the instructions and add the required number of sources.

Once you have references and ideas about the essay, write the draft and leave the paper aside. Return to your essay after some time and read it aloud. Check technology terms and analyze whether they are used correctly. Use Grammarly to give your essay a right look in terms of grammar, lexicon, and punctuation. Revise your citations and make sure they are correctly used, according to the formatting style. Finally, reread the paper, and if all is good, submit it to the teacher.

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