Google Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology That Can Identify Smells

Artificial Intelligence

Google Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology That Can Identify Smells

In this era of technology artificial intelligence(AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, have a great role. And afterwards the AI will have great demand.

Knowledge, Reasoning, Problem solving, Perception, Learning, Planning, Ability to manipulate and move objects, etc are some key features of AI, one new invention has been added the ability to smell.

For decades, perfumers and scientists have struggled to predict the relationship between a molecule’s structure and its scent. While scientists can look at a wavelength of light and identify what color it is, when it comes to scents, scientists can’t simply look at a molecule and identify its odor. Researchers from the Google Brain Test are hoping AI might change that. In a paper published on Arxiv, they explain how they’re training AI to recognize smells.

According to the researchers, they used a data set of about 5,000 molecules identified by perfume makers. The perfumers had also labelled those molecules with different smell descriptors, such as “grassy”, “buttery”, “pungent”, “tropical”, and “weedy”.

Nearly two-thirds of the data set was used to train the Google GNN to link molecules with their smell descriptors.
As Wired points out, there are a few caveats, and they are what make the science of smell so tricky. For starters, two people might describe the same scent differently, for instance “woody” or “earthy.” Sometimes molecules have the same atoms and bonds, but they’re arranged as mirror images and have completely different smells. Those are called chiral pairs; caraway and spearmint are just one example. Things get even more complicated when you start combining scents.

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