First Android 10 Custom ROM Just Released: AOSP Extended 10.0

Android 10

First Android 10 Custom ROM Just Released: AOSP Extended 10.0

Here’s a great news for the developers and enthusiasts that Google has uploads the source code to the AOSP Extended (Android Open-Source Project) after the official release it’s Android 10.

Because of Sagar Makhar ,the developer of AOSP custom ROM , we have got our first AOSP custom ROM based on Android 10.It is called as AOSP 10.0 ,but right now it only supports ‘Asus’ Zenfone Max Pro M1. Which is best affordable and powerful mid-range device. Currently this ROM is not available for the other devices.

During the installation of this ROM, you must note that you’ll have to use a unique TWRP build (that doesn’t work with Android Pie builds) and to set things in motion use special Gapps.
Don’t panic ,for your convenience all the data which you require for further installation has been provided by the developer in his thread (via XDA).

Essential features like WiFi, phone calls, fingerprint sensor, camera, GPS, and other sensors are working well on the AOSP 10.0 custom ROM ,According to Sagar .

Even though Android 10 was just released by Google, It’s custom ROM is quite stable and flexibility making a huge pleasure to the developers and enthusiasts .

If you are the person having device Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and having interest in new custom ROM and the world of development, then you must try this new ROM . Always try to be updated and must try new things.

Before installing or doing such things keep in mind that this can also affects your device or may result in bricking down your device. So I suggest you to take precautions because ‘Precaution is better than cure.

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