Best Top Android Apps 2022: Must Have Apps for Every Android User

Best Top Android Apps 2022
Best Top Android Apps 2022
Best Top Android Apps 2022: Must Have Apps for Every Android User

This article contains a selection of useful smartphone applications that will help you effectively manage your work, organize your vacation, and do not forget about self-improvement. And if you want to get quality entertainment – visit the 22Bet platform. Here you will find games for every taste.

GetFit fitness app

Check out this app if you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just keep fit but don’t have time to go to the fitness club. Suitable for everyone, regardless of the level of physical fitness, age, gender, work schedule.

This is a complete workout right at your home. Without trainers and subscriptions.

Loòna sleep app

Thanks to this application, you will forget about anxiety, insomnia and sleeping pills. The creative task, which contains interactive relaxation, pleasant relaxing sound background and narrative, will set you up for a restful and deep natural sleep.

Lifesum food diary

To feel good, in addition to sleep and physical activity, you need to monitor what you eat.

In this application you will find different diet plans to choose from, calorie and bju count (proteins, fats, carbohydrates within the daily calorie intake), simple and healthy recipes and tips for a balanced diet.

To get the calorie calculation, you need to synchronize the application with the basic smartphone application “Health”, or enter information about training manually.

Tappsk Daily Planner

Tappsk is 4 apps in one: to-do planner + habit tracker + reminder + calendar.

You just go about your business, and do not balance between a bunch of applications, so as not to forget about any important event. Moreover, all functions are placed on one screen, everything is as intuitive and transparent as possible.

Forest focus app

Is it difficult not to be distracted by social networks and other things on the phone while performing work tasks? This is familiar to many.

The Forest app in a playful way weans you from the habit of checking your phone. You set a timer for 60 or 120 minutes. As long as you don’t touch your smartphone and work, you are growing a tree.

When you try to get stuck in the phone, the tree dies. For each tree grown, you receive a reward in the form of local currency.

Creative Skills App W1D1

A useful tool for people of all creative professions, not only designers and photographers. With the help of W1D1 you train sharpness of sight, observation, the ability to combine colors, to see beauty in ordinary things.

And for this, 10 minutes a day is enough to complete a creative task. It does not require special knowledge and skills, only the desire to develop and experiment. Your result will be visible to other users of the application, but anonymously.

Remember language learning app

With this application you will improve your vocabulary by 20 words daily. 40+ languages ​​are available for learning. You can start at any skill level.

The application offers effective memory games, professional word pronunciation, flexible customizable notifications and smart tips.

Habit-Bull Habit Tracker

This application is necessary to give up unnecessary habits and reinforce the necessary ones. All kinds of habits are divided into categories.

For example, “Health and sport”, “Work and study”. You specify the content of the habit itself either from the position of do / not do, or in a quantitative expression like “do 20 push-ups”. You can adjust the frequency. For example, “go to the theater on Fridays.”

You record your achievements, and the application analyzes the statistics and reports after a couple of months that some kind of habit has become entrenched (if you regularly follow the goals).

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