Apple Watch 5 Release, Apple just announced the latest generation Watch

Apple Watch 5 Release

Apple Watch 5 Release, Apple just announced the latest generation Watch

Apple Inc. recently held their event on 10th Sept. In that event Apple Inc. introduced there new products, iPhone 11 Series and an Apple Watch 5 Release Series.

We will talk about newly introduced iPhone in separate blog. For now just discuss about brand new Apple Watch 5 Series.

The Apple Watch 5 comes with some new features that previous generation Apple Watches lacks. The most loved feature new Apple Watch have this time is Always On Display.

The first and most loved feature is Always On Display which all previous generation Apple Watches lacks.

Finally!!! Now, Apple Watch user can use there Apple Watch as a Watch…

All previously Apple Watches does not have this feature. So, if a user wants to see time then the user have to touch the screen to turn display on after that the clock appears on the screen. But now no need to worry about that one can see time on their Apple Watch. Thanks to Apple to bring this feature to Apple Watch.

There is also the one new feature is there in Apple Watch which people would love to have in a Apple Wearable. This feature is Sleep Tracking. The Sleep Tracking feature of Apple Watch 5 is the second most loved feature by the consumers. According to the survey it came to know that most of the people who are fan of Wearable Gadgets love to have Sleep Tracking feature in their Wearable Gadgets.

It seems that Apple Inc. got them and bring the Sleep tracking feature in Apple Watch 5. Now your watch will monitor your sleep schedule like at what time you are deepest in sleep, What time you wake up?, Are you having enough sleep or not?, What you should have to do for better sleep?. All the data is being monitored by your Apple Watch 5, so no need to worry about your sleep, Apple Watch 5 Release will do that work for you.

Other features like Build-In Compass and International Emergency Calling feature is also added in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch 5 comes with new Apple’s watchOS 6. New features added in watchOS 6 are

  • Coming to Apple Watch Series 1 or later
  • Has it’s own App Store
  • Plus Women’s health feature

That’s all with the Apple Watch Series 5. The Apple Watch Series 5 will out in stores on 20 September for $399/£399 for the GPS only model and $499/£499 for the GPS and Cellular model. Pre-Registration for Apple Watch Series 5 have already began from 10 September. Hurry up and grab your Apple Watch Series 5

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