Android 12 Translation Service may Automatically Translate Apps to Your Native Language

Android 12 Translation Service
Android 12 Translation Service

Android 12 Translation Service may Automatically Translate Apps to Your Native Language

Android 12 may automatically translate apps to your native language, but that would be quite boring to read if there weren’t exceptions. The text to speech feature in the new Android font will be a great one to be sure, but I still wouldn’t want to read most of the apps I have on my phone. I wouldn’t mind being able to switch my phone over to a different app every once in a while to read some foreign text though.

We have already seen Android apps get their text to speech functionality enabled, but it is just an option. There is no automatic translation. Google might change that by the time Android 12 is ready for release, but right now we wouldn’t suggest reading some foreign texts through your phone.

Activating text to speech in apps like Google Docs will still let you use the hardware buttons on your phone to skip through text.

What does it mean?

The activation doesn’t mean the text to speech will make your phone speak to you, but the ability to read some foreign text, while avoiding hardware buttons.

What does it do?

Of course the text to speech will read aloud everything you have on your phone. It doesn’t need to go through translation first, so you are free to read your emails or texts in whichever language you want.

If there is no text to speech, how can I still read foreign text?

Some people don’t want the option of turning off text to speech completely. If there isn’t any text to speech, you will still have to read through text manually and push buttons if necessary. That might not be so bad though, and in some cases it will be easier than relying on text to speech.

Hopefully the new texts to speech feature in Android will be ready by the time Android 12 launches. Hopefully it works exactly like we have seen it working in Google Docs and it just goes through translation from the text to the text to the native language automatically. I would be very happy to go back to reading texts from my phone, but that isn’t something I will try for sure until the feature actually works as I am hoping it does.

Which devices will have the text to speech feature in Android 12?

Android 8.0 is now officially available on the Pixel and Pixel 2 series. Android 9.0 is currently available on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. However, Android 12 isn’t ready for release just yet, and no devices will have text to speech until later in 2019.

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