Android 11 beta update available: Eligible Pixel phones, Top features

Android 11
Android 11

Android 11 beta update available: Eligible Pixel phones, Top features

Finally Android 11 beta for Pixel phone users.

There are significant changes that are incoming with Android 11, which has a big job on its hands as it follows up the improvements and stability that Android 10 brought to the table.

To start with, you will need to have a phone that has your Google account logged in and then visit the Android 11 beta site to enroll. When you visit this page you should be able to find see your phone listed when you click “view your eligible devices” option. Click the enroll option under your phone name to enroll for the Android 11 Beta update.

Android 11 beta update: Top features to note

Google says that it has divided the Android 11 beta update into three parts key themes: People, Controls, and Privacy. “We’re making Android more people-centric and expressive, reimagining the way we have conversations on our phones, and building an OS that can recognize and prioritize the most important people in your life,” the Android blog noted.

Android 11 Beta update: Eligible devices

Starting today, the first Beta for Android 11 will be available for everyone who has an eligible Android device. The eligible phones are Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 4 (not available in India). For instance, users will these Pixel devices will be able to enroll for the Android 11 beta update right now.

Android 11 beta update: Top features to note

Google says the three key themes for Android 11 are People, Controls, and Privacy. A lot of what you will see in the public beta has come from the feedback from developers who have been testing various versions of Android since February. 

Device Control: Android 11 beta update brings a lot more control to the user’s hand. The Device Controls make it faster and easier than ever for users to access and control their connected devices. Users will now able to bring up device controls instantly by long-pressing the power button.

Conversations: This feature appears in a dedicated section at the top of the notification shade. It comes with a people-forward design and conversation specific actions, such as opening the conversation as a bubble, creating a conversation shortcut on the home screen, or setting a reminder for a message that’s not very important.

Bubbles: This allows users to keep conversations in view and accessible while multitasking. Google said, “messaging and chat apps should use the Bubbles API on notifications to enable this in Android 11.” Bubbles work very similar to Chat Heads for Facebook Messenger.

One-time permission: This feature lets users provide apps access to their device microphone, camera, or location just for once. The app can always request permissions from the user the next time it is used.

Permissions auto-reset: Android 11 auto-resets permissions if users haven’t used an app for a very long time. Android 11 will “auto-reset” all the runtime permissions associated with the app and then notify the user. Again, the app can request the permissions again when next used.

Voice Access: There are people who control their phone entirely by their voice using Google Assistant, the new voice access makes the experience much smoother. It comes with an on-device visual cortex. This basically comes with the ability to understand screen content and context and generate labels and access points for accessibility commands.

Media Control: This beta update Media Controls. The controls make it quick and convenient for users to switch the output device for their audio or video content.

From what we can gather, Android 11 isn’t looking to redesign the wheel. It isn’t taking everything Android 10 has, however, chuck it out of the window, and attempt to redefine a smartphone operating system. Instead, everything is being looked at again, with minor and major tweaks as required. 

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