Airtel vs Jio Again Beats Jio In Internet Speed, Video Experience

Airtel vs Jio
Airtel vs Jio

Airtel vs Jio Again Beats Jio In Internet Speed, Video Experience

In this blog we have compared Airtel vs Jio based on OpenSignal Findings reviews and Some personal Experience.

Bharti Airtel was the most dependable telecom operator between May and July, beating rivals Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea (VI) and BSNL in four out of seven metrics such as gaming, video, download speed and voice app experiences, shows Open Signal’s latest mobile network experience report.

We have compared Airtel vs Jio Vs Vodafone- Idea, for their coverage, Download Speed, Video Experience, Voice Experience Along with their 1.5 Gb per Day data plan with 28/56/84/365 Days. Here’s a data plan comparison of 2Gb per day.

Airtel vs Jio: OpenSignal Findings

Gaming Experience: Airtel vs Jio

In gaming experience, a new metric which was recently added given the spike in online gaming after covid-19, Airtel scored 55.6 out of 100. For this, Open Signal, analysed how the multiplayer gaming experience was affected by mobile network conditions including latency and packet loss. Higher score meant lower number of connectivity issues.

VI was very close to Airtel in games experience with a score of 55.2. Reliance Jio scored 50.1 and BSNL 37.1.

Video Experience: Airtel vs Jio

In video experience, Airtel scored 57.6, which puts them 3.4 points ahead of VI and 5.3 points ahead of Reliance Jio. BSNL lagged with a score of 35.8.

Open Signal found Airtel users had a good video experience in 31 cities and a very good video experience in seven cities, including tier 2 cities like Coimbatore, Vadodara and Dhanbad.

Voice Experience: Airtel vs Jio

Airtel with a score of 75.5 and VI and Reliance Jio with scores of 74.4 and 73.4 respectively had an acceptable voice apps experience. BSNL scored 66.3 which according to Open Signal is poor.

Jio, Airtel and Vi Rs 399 Postpaid Plans Compared

Upload and Download Speed: Airtel vs Jio

Unlike other metrics which were measured in points, download and upload speed experience were measured in Mpbs by Open Signal.

Airtel with average download speed of 10.4Mbps was slightly better than Vodafone’s 10.1Mbps. Reliance Jio’s average download speed was 6.9Mbps and BSNL’s 3.0Mbps.

In upload speed experience, VI with average speed of 3.5Mbps surpassed Airtel’s 2.8Mbps, Reliance Jio’s 2.3Mbps and BSNL’s 1.0Mbps.

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