5 Ways Video Marketing Can Boost Your Business Growth

video marketing

5 Ways Video Marketing Can Boost Your Business Growth

As the competition to arrest the attention of potential customers by niche brands gets stiffer, the search for compelling digital marketing strategies with proven results has become more intense. As a business promoter, you can rely on video marketing to secure a definitive edge in the market by making a bold statement of your brand’s message.

Studies by prominent market actuarial groups suggest encouraging leveraging video marketing’s potential. About 77% of site visitors watch embedded explainer videos all through for a minimum of 2 minutes, a significant leap in leads’ attention span. Over 83% of brand owners have reported a considerable leap in ROI with homepage videos that are super effective in converting paying leads. About 59% of executives, the key decision-makers on customers’ side, get persuaded by engaging marketing videos. You can also trigger word-of-mouth promotion for your brand with videos, as 92% of mobile video viewers share interesting videos with others; also, the sharing rate for social videos is 12x more compared to text and images combined. Most importantly, sites with marketing videos are likely to rank 50x better in Google search results than peers with plain content.

All the aforesaid statistical insights must have made your adrenalin racing. Wait, before you start calling a video creator, glance through the five ways video marketing can turbocharge your business.

Videos Can Increase Awareness About Your Brand

You can make brand videos more immersive by showcasing the fun side of your business. This way, grabbing potential leads’ attention becomes easier. YouTube itself experiences 5 billion video views per day. It will not take much to get a tangy yet informative video to become viral. Forbes has reported that the memory retention rate in a viewer is 95% for video, whereas just 10% for content-driven marketing material.

So, next time a prospect who has viewed your video wants to shop for anything relevant to your business, your brand will be the first choice.

Videos Are the Most Effective Catalyst For Accelerating Conversion Rate

Business growth is directly proportional to the improvement in lead conversion rate. Statistical surveys suggest that the click-through rates of your marketing emails leapfrog by a whopping 200%-300% by integrating video in them. If your business website has embedded videos on the landing page, the lead conversion rate can increase by 80% or more.

Leads intuitively expect videos on business, social media, and other promotional pages of your brand. If they catch sight of one, they are bound to absorb the message provided the video is short, meaningful, and engaging. Driving leads down the marketing funnel becomes a breeze with video marketing.

Video Marketing Can Bring About Higher Search Engine Ranking

For the last 15 years, the topmost search engine Google has stressed video content’s importance. Accordingly, it has been tweaking its search algorithms to prioritize those sites that have embedded videos in them. Better SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking can trigger an increase in organic traffic by almost 157%.

The bounce rate of leads from your site is tangibly reduced as videos capture their attention and subliminally motivate them to explore your business content further. More the time a lead spends on-site, the higher will be the ‘dwell time,’ which will bring consistently better rank indexing from Google. Get free editing software to start creating videos like a pro, and you no longer have to struggle to retain the top spot in organic search results.

Professionally Marketed Videos Engage Mobile Users Better

Smartphones and other handheld web browsing devices have permeated masses like never before. Mobiles are the first resort for most people raring to go on a shopping spree. Mobile optimized videos go down well with leads who do not prefer scrolling a website’s body yet want to understand the business’s offering in a captivating and entertaining manner.

Compelling videos improve your business’s relationship with customers, instill trust in leads, and psychologically inspire prospects to make a buying decision in your brand’s favor. Good emotions are evoked when leads find someone speaking to them directly in a cordial manner. This personal touch works like a magic wand that charms prospects and causes them to convert instinctively.

Videos Render Your Brand More Credible And Reliable

Everyone wants to associate with brand names that are vouched for by influencers, talked about frantically on social pages, and are recommended on authoritative portals. Marketing videos can get your business this credible stature. By being an integral aspect of your brand’s marketing efforts, videos project your business as a trustworthy partner to people who want the best niche product or service out there.

Employ videos to explain your products, tell the story of your business, share interviews of employees or stakeholders, and showcase footage from behind the scene. This will enable the leads to see through the curtain and experience that your business shares similar values. Also, reviews of products/ services presented in video format rank higher on the popularity index than bland textual reviews. Leads rely on such videos as they get true, unalloyed insights into the functioning of products. This unique way of presenting a product from a real-life perspective excites the trust and passion of leads.

Customers love those businesses with a significant number of explainer videos positioned strategically across visual touchpoints. These videos create opportunities for indirect marketing and achieve better customer satisfaction levels. HubSpot had published a report some time back that highlighted the fact that the interest of customers lies more in watching explainer videos than other brand video types.

Marketing videos that feature cutting-edge animation are more effective in impacting leads’ thought processes compared to those that show live-action recordings. The conversion rate tends to get boosted by 15% more with animation videos on average. Suppose you want to optimize the landing page. In that case, there is no better option than deploying marketing videos as they inform leads about your business at the outset, which allows them to make informed, conscious decisions without much ado.


The role played by strategically crafted and deployed marketing videos in fuelling your business growth is undeniable. If you have not focused on this vital marketing aspect yet, start building your video marketing strategy soon.

  • Set out the goals you want to accomplish with videos.
  • Analyze and shortlist the audience types you want to target.
  • Figure out the story you want to narrate with marketing videos.
  • Be creative, think out of the box, and have animations abound.
  • Respect the timeline.
  • Allocate a realistic budget in sync with expected ROI.

Start your video marketing campaign now, and you will never regret it.

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