4 Best iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

Best iOS Emulator
Best iOS Emulator

4 Best iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

Using an android or iOS emulator to run a mobile app on your desktop has several benefits.

For example, you’ll be able to duplicate the mobile device’s behavior with no added hardware price. you’ll run games like PUBG and Pokemon go on your pc by using an additional. It conjointly helps app developers notice sudden behavior throughout the testing section of the apps.

We all understand that there are many android emulators in the world for each Windows and macOS device. However, what about iPhone emulators? Well, if you’re searching for an iOS emulator for testing your new app, or simply to run some iOS apps on your computers, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 iOS emulators for Windows 10 and macOS you’ll try.

4 best iOS emulator for Desktop


Appetize.io is one of the best to use iOS emulators. It’s cloud-hosted which suggests you don’t have to be compelled to install any apps on your pc. and it’s compatible with Windows 10 and macOS.

With Appetize, you get access to iPhones from iPhone 5s to the iPhone 11 pro max, and a few choices from iPads and iPod touch similarly. you’ll be able to choose the OS version from iOS 10 to iOS 14. That’s pretty cool.

Developers can use Appetize.ion to stream iOS simulators within the browser for the aim of embedding apps in websites, testing, or other phases of development.

As for the value, the free trial period of this iPhone simulator provides you 100 minutes of streaming time for apps. you’ll monitor your usage from the dashboard and find out alerts once you reach your limit.


If you’re an iOS developer, you clearly already use Xcode on your mac (or hackintosh) to create your apps. If you do, you probably don’t want another iOS emulator or simulator on your pc simply to check your app. Xcode features a really expert iOS emulator built in for testing functions then you’ll be able to run your app on a virtual device rather than deploying it on a physical device.

So, if one is using Xcode as the primary app development suite, then it’s spare to emulate different kinds of interactions like taps, device rotation, scrolling, and alternative actions performed by the user.


One of the best iOS emulator for Windows 10, iPadian may be a fully paid solution. Thus you can’t get a free trial or anything for it. As the name suggests, this is often an iPad simulator.

Like alternative simulators, you don’t get things just like the App Store with iPadian. You merely get access to a selected set of apps, though there are over a 1000 of those apps as well as Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

If you just want to use an iOS simulator that imitates the look and appearance of iOS hardware, you can go for iPadian.


Corellium is another iOS emulator for PCs, largely used by security researchers to run a simulated iOS device at intervals in the browser. The individuals behind Corellium are one amongst the earliest members of the iPhone jailbreak scene, thus you’re in safe hands.

Earlier, Corellium was solely out there to enterprise users however currently people may also use the iOS virtualization software. However, obtaining your hands on the tool is tough since Corellium doesn’t wish it to be used by the wrong individuals.

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