10 Best Drawing App For Android

Best Drawing App For Android
Best Drawing App For Android

10 Best Drawing App For Android | Apps for Digital art

Digital art or painting is really cool, we can easily share it, post it on social media or some might have crazy ideas like creating NFT. If you are good at Digital painting you can also do freelancing and earn a handsome side income. For that, all you require is a device with a decent display and Drawing App For Android if using Android or  Drawing App For iOS if using Apple’s iPad and iPhones.

Before the existence of digital drawing apps, we would draw traditionally on canvases. Of course, this is the traditional way but thanks to the advancement of technology, we can do so much more! The infinite design allows you to create any form of illustration whether portrait, logo, cartoon, or animation. 

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In this article, we will discuss only the Drawing App For Android. Coming the first which I actually used the most was Infinite Design

10 Best Drawing App For Android

1. Infinite Design:

Price: Free/ InApp purchase

This app is packed full of features that you’ll need to realize your dream. And the beauty of this app is that you don’t need to buy tons of drawing papers anymore just to draw. You don’t even need tons of resources such as colored pencils or pencils.

If you don’t want to buy Infinite Design or just have a look at it, you can definitely have it. The Infinite Design’s free version includes canvas, layers and that layers options like split, merge, flip and duplicate and five symmetry tools, actions like an infinite undo and redo system, the ability to import images to the canvas and add special effects, and a path editing and pen tool for precise control and a lot more things like the ability to import images to the canvas and add special effects and a path editing and pen tool for precise control. 

For free, you’ll be able to save your work as a JPEG, but the full version will give you the ability to save images as PNG, PSD, or SVG, and is ad-free.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Price: Free / Up to $53.99 per month

When it comes to art, creativity, and design Adobe has no limits. Adobe Illustrator Draw is an award-winning drawing app for Android from Adobe Adobe has two  Drawing App For Android i.e. Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch.

You can get several customizable brushes, five different pen tips, multiple images, drawing layers, undo/redo buttons, etc.

When you’re done, you can post your work on social networks and get feedback from other app users. You can also import designs from Adobe Capture CC or export your drawings to Illustrator CC on the desktop.

The app is free and contains no ads, making it a worthy contender for the best drawing apps for Android. You can get an optional Cloud subscription for additional features.

3. SketchBook by Autodesk

Price: Free

Sketchbook by Autodesk has been around for a long time. It’s been a long-time favorite for artists looking for good drawing apps. It is also an award-winning Android drawing app that is relevant to both newbies and creative professionals.

It comes with ten customizable brushes along with six blending modes and up to three different layers. Thankfully, it also comes with a decent set of features. You’ll have ten brushes. Each brush can be customized to suit your needs. It also includes up to three layers, six blending modes, a 2500% zoom, and simulated pressure sensitivity. 

Those who go pro will get all of that along with over 100 more brush types, more layers, more blending options, and other tools. It’s a fairly powerful app and it was also designed for serious artists.

4. Picsart Color

Price: Free / $3.99 – $19.99 

Wait what do think we forgot to mention Picsart, No way, this list is incomplete without Picsart. I guess almost everyone is familiar with Picsart.

The most popular drawing apps for Android that have over 50 million downloads is Picsart color.

It offers multiple brushes, pens, and pencils, it offers several stickers to superimpose on your images. 

You can build advanced sketches with layers, zoom to paint fine details, and backup and sync your drawings to multiple devices. Moreover, this Android drawing app includes options for an eraser, ruler, background selector, undo/redo buttons, export or share images, etc.

It is free to download and contains ads & in-app purchases.

5. MediBang Paint

Price: Free

If you are searching for a lightweight Drawing App For Android, and want to create digital comics then MediBang Paint is the best Application for you. Its claim to fame is its cross-platform support. You can download the app on mobile, Mac, and Windows. All three have a cloud-saving feature that lets you start your work in one spot and move it to another platform. That’s kind of awesome.

All the features of the app are available for free with no in-app purchases. It is free to download but contains ads.

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